Crime Prevention, Public Education and Safety Products

The Captain Crimebuster Superstore provides the Community Policing
Departments with exceptional Public Education and Safety Materials.

Our Jr. Police Safety Rewards Store contains a wide selection of Generic Crime Prevention items as well as RCMP and Captain Crimebuster branded supply rewards used in public safety education and community policing campaigns.

We delight in designing and supplying materials unique to public safety agencies.

We also provide a custom designed banners and table covers for police department's public events, conventions and tradeshows.

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Banners and Displays

Need a community presence? We can supply you with all the displays, pop-up banners and items you need for a professional presence at community events. We can also design the artwork.

Tradeshow Products
Promotional Items

Need something to show your members just how much you value them. We can supply you with ball caps, mugs, t-shirts or 10,000 other items that will put a smile on their faces.

Reward Items